This campaign is a collaboration between youth-led climate action groups in Aotearoa.

We’re amplifying the voices of hundreds of young people who are demanding that climate justice and intergenerational justice are addressed as our country rebuilds towards a new normal. 

Climate justice means that no community or group is left behind in our response to climate change. Structurally oppressed communities alongside a Te Tiriti o Waitangi lens must be at the forefront of our response to climate change. 

When we talk about intergenerational justice, we’re asking for a resilient and secure future for all generations. This means that money being borrowed by our government right now must address climate change, or else young people will be saddled with a double burden of climate change and economic debt.  

You can see how people are using the #unitebehindclimate hashtag on social media on the homepage, or go to the #submitbehindclimate to add your voice to open letters and complete a submission on key policies that address climate justice.

For more information feel free to get in contact via the contact us page.

Generation Zero is a nonpartisan, youth-led climate organisation that champions solutions towards a thriving, carbon-neutral Aotearoa.

School Strike 4 Climate NZ includes students aged 8-18 from cities and towns in every corner of New Zealand, united by their concerns for the planet.